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Welcome To Hopton Rehab Homing and Thank you for visiting our website. This is the start of a new era for Hopton Rehab & Homing Centre. We’re so thrilled that you’ve chosen to follow our journey and so many of you have chosen to help us fundraise for the care of these and many more horses & ponies!

We started our mission as a small private concern but due to the continuous stream of horses & ponies coming to us, we received  UK charity status in July 2017 and we haven’t stopped since.

So, we  hope you like and enjoy our website and that you might even find your new BFF! If you don’t see what you’re looking for now, please keep checking as we have a steady influx of gorgeous horses & ponies.

Everything we do for horses & ponies in our care comes at a cost! Whilst we don’t take salaries, everything else requires £££s. So, PLEASE DONATE if you can. It can be a small one off amount, a monthly direct debit or one of the other ways you will find in our “”Get Involved” section of the website.

Don’t forget to share our social media pages – we need all the support we can get!

Thank you so much for your continued support, we welcome any feedback!

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Update


As part of our drive to keep our staff as safe as we can, in order that they continue to care for the horses at the centre.

We have had to make the decision to have no further rehoming of ridden horses until this is all over.

The frequency of visits required to assess them properly and the increased risk in the possibility of them needing the emergency services, we felt we needed to do the responsible thing and draw a halt.


In order to do our best to protect our staff, in order that they can continue to provide the care our horses need over the coming weeks / months, and to try to secure their continuous employment, we will be restricting entry to our yards from Monday.

Necessary visits will be by appointment only and will be meeting with a trustee not a staff member.

We have obviously provided them with all they need to reduce the risk on the yard, obviously, but the next step is to keep them away from people and each other.

We are going to set up an online take sale,car boot sale, and other fun activities, seeing as we won’t be able to have a presence in public places, to enable us to continue to fund raise to pay for them all.

Therefore for all you generous people that are donating we ask that you message us and drop the items at the entrance, as these donations will be our bread and butter for a while.

Alternatively if you want us to collect we can do if we are in the area but again can we ask that we collect from the gate.

During this time, whilst we are allowed to and can do so safely, we will be working with the youngsters and rehabilitation horses.

We can still do viewing visits at this moment in time but again they will be by appointment with a trustee and therefore will not be able to be seen ridden.

This will change in line with the government policy as and when necessary. We would love to keep communicating with you all and will keep you posted with many many pictures of the progress of our babies.

Our Mission Statement


“To give horses & ponies in the UK the correct loving and secure home which they deserve”. 


We help individuals who for one reason or another can no longer look after their horses & ponies.

To take and assess those horses & ponies using fully trained equine specialists and eventually place them in secure & loving homes on long-term loan agreements. 

To raise enough monies from corporate and public donations so that horses & ponies in our care have a secure & loving future. 

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About us

Hopton Rehab & Homing Centre (HRH) was established in July 2017.

The trustees, Tracy, Lin, Ruth, Sandra & Bob are extremely experienced in the equestrian industry with a shared passion for horse welfare and rehabilitation.

Over the past 4 years, whilst running  a separate training organisation in work-based horsecare, Tracy and Lin accumulated a variety of equines that needed extensive rehabilitation; both physically and mentally; for a multitude of reasons.

The volume arriving at the centre increased significantly and it became no longer possible to continue to privately fund the scheme; hence the creation of HRH.

We have built a great reputation for our sympathetic approach which allows the horses to adjust and develop before moving on to their new homes.
Once a horse is ready to move on it is carefully matched with a prospective new home to ensure a happy outcome.

Meet the team


Tracy Cooper – Hopton Rehab and Homing Trustee

After leaving school, Tracy had a long career as a legal executive lawyer specialising in family and criminal law and general litigation.

Tracy competed in eventing, dressage and show jumping, and have always had a keen interest in horses, and gained British Horse Society qualifications to further her knowledge and enable her to teach.

Having recognised a gap in the provision of training in the local area she set about providing education in horse care, management and riding.  Tracy met her colleague, Lin, who had extensive experience in work based training, and in 2011 they formed their own training organisation as a limited company.  They have worked with local colleges to train learners and apprentices at levels 1, 2 and 3 and the new tech-bac qualifications.

Over the years they picked up one or two horses which required extensive physical and/or mental rehabilitation to enable them to continue to have a useful working life.  This developed and they were approached by many other people who could no longer provide the care and support those horses required.

It was decided in 2016 that due to the volume, they would set up a charity to enable this much needed provision to continue and develop.  Hence the charity was incorporated on 18 July 2017.


Lin Marriott-Lodge – Hopton Rehab and Homing Trustee

 Lin has had a long career in the equine world. Starting life as an active pony club member before training for and achieving her BHSAI at the age of 19. She then went on to be a groom for a British Junior and Young Rider team member.

Having a family required her to change her career but the link to horses remained by taking over as District Commissioner of the Ludlow Pony Club Branch. For the past 10 yrs Lin has been Co-Director of an training organisation working with students on equestrian apprenticeship courses and work-based training.

During these years Lin has had the opportunity to develop her passion for rehabilitating horses and along with her training colleague Tracy, has had some noticeable success in this area.

As a result of this success Tracy & Lin were asked more regularly to assist owners with their horses for many different reasons. This then formed the basis of the charity which is now going from strength to strength.

Lin & Tracy now oversee the day to day management of the charity and horses within it’s care.

They also organise many events such as carboot sales to raise funds for the charity.

Ruth Holt – Hopton Rehab and Homing Trustee

Ruth has a lifetime of experience in business accounting and administration, from multi-national corporates to small family businesses.  She now focuses on small businesses, and in recent years has numbered The People’s Orchestra and Age UK Birmingham among her clients.

A lifelong love of horses and yearning to work with them was fulfilled when she took a break from commerce for ten years to assist with the running of a midlands equestrian centre. However, for the last few years Ruth has been back behind a desk, so saw the invitation to join the board of HRH Trustees as an antidote to the computer screen! At one time the owner of four horses, two cats, a dog and a barn owl, she now has one dog and one cat.

Ruth has vast experience in managing business especially from the accounts side and puts her experience to very good use for the charity.

Bob Woolnough – Hopton Rehab and Homing Trustee

Bob has had a varied career in the equine world. He began his riding experiences when he volunteered for the Mounted Section of the Royal Military Police, having never ridden before.  After training and qualifying as a mounted police officer, he then spent 4 years with the mounted branch, often working 7 days a week with anything up to 16 hours a day in the saddle,  gaining a wealth of experience and knowledge in the training of horses from the start of their careers into fully fledged police horses that are used every day on our streets.

After leaving the mounted section Bob was more involved in the security and intelligence fields but never lost his passion for horses and has continued to ride and assist others at every chance since.

Bob has also worked as a volunteer for the Riding For The Disabled charity.

In 2018 Bob became a volunteer and was in 2019 asked to become a trustee.

The larger horses at HRH get the majority of Bob’s time and attention, along with those requiring special training needs.


Kim Rawlings - HRH Yard Manager

Kim is the yard manager at HRH. 
She has been working at the charity since it was setup by Lin and Tracy. Prior to this she worked as a tutor/assessor for Equitrain.
She studied horse management at Hartpury college and then went on to gain her diploma in racehorse care and riding at the British racing school in Newmarket. 
During the last 15 years since she left college Kim has ridden racehorses, worked as a hunt groom, evented and has been closely involved with both the pony club and riding club. 
Her role at HRH is very varied but mainly she assesses horses on arrival and works with them to find their new homes. Backs and brings on youngsters and, re-school horses who need a new job to due to a whole range of different circumstances.

Kim is also responsible for managing the daily work routines for the volunteers who support the charity

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