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12 Days of Giving Charity prizes

12 Days of Giving

12 Days of Giving

There is still time to nominate HRH!

Sixty charities are already celebrating winning £1,000 as part of our 12 days of giving but with six draws remaining so could yours. We know £1,000 can make a huge difference, so get involved and nominate a charity today.

All you need to do is visit movementforgood.com/12days, click ‘nominate a charity now’ and enter your details*.

Remember, the more nominations a charity gets, the greater its chance of winning, so encourage your family and friends to get involved and nominate too.

P.S: Entry to each draw closes at midnight the day before. If HRH is not drawn they will be automatically entered into all subsequent draws, unless drawn. Nominations close midnight 21 December for the final draw.

Nominate today

*Please note, Please please please nominate us / this would go a long way to helping our Derry fundraising efforts.

Thank YOU!

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