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Adopt a Hopton Horse

Hayley is an adoption horse with HRH

Our prime focus has always been to rehome riding horses. However, invariably, we occasionally get the odd horse that is no longer able to do a job or is quite simply not rehomable. That’s where Adopt a Hopton Horse comes to the fore.

We are using the Just Giving Tuesday to launch our new Adopt a Hopton Horse scheme. This is for any of the horses at the centre who are likely to remain with us permanently.

In some instances some of the horses are destined to spend their twilight years at the centre due to the complexity of their needs. They would however love to have lots of fuss and attention on our sites. We have two ponies that are looking to be adopted right now.

For £10 a month you will really be helping us to provide for them.

In return you will:

Receive our welcome pack. And free gift.

Be invited to visit your adopted pony at the centre at pre arranged times of your choice where this can be accommodated by the centre. You will be invited to spend time with them, groom them and generally pamper them under supervision by centre staff.

Regular quarterly updates and photos of your pony.

They would love to have their photo taken with you. They are very partial to a few treats too.

Monthly updates and photos of your chosen pony will also be sent electronically.

How can you resist Hayley’s long flowing mane and Diamond’s huge ears and kind eyes?

They are here ready and waiting for their adopters to visit as soon as lockdown is over.

To select your horse of choice please just click the ‘Adopt Me’ button to begin the process

Horses Currently Available for Adoption


Hayley is an adoption horse with HRH

Adopt a Hopton Rehab Horse ‘Hayley’

Hi I am Hayley

I am an elderly lady now but, I have had such a wonderful life. Carrying little children around on my back was great fun. They used to laugh and chuckle as I jog along. It’s a couple of years now since I have been ridden as I have something called Cushings. I am supposed to have daily medicine to help me but you gotta be kidding I am not having that. They try to disguise it in all manner of things, carrots, pears, feed, all of which I love but not when it has medicine in. They are now looking into getting me something different but if I don’t like it I will soon tell them!!

Last year I went to a lovely lady as a companion but I lost a lot of weight as I have lost a lot of teeth, so I need a very special diet. I am back at the centre now having my special feed four times a day and lots of lovely grass. The ladies keep saying ‘Doctor Green’ will see me right but I am not seeing a doctor, no, no, no!! The vet has come and seen me and has looked after the teeth I have got, he was nice.  He was very complimentary about me and very helpful – he can come again.

I have been told that I will stay at the centre now so I can stay on my carefully planned feeding system but I would love to be adopted by people who would like to visit me from time to time and have some cuddles when I am feeling better. I love cuddles.


Diamond is available for adoption

Adopt a Hopton Rehab Horse ‘Diamond’

Hi I am Diamond.

I have been at the centre for 3 years now and came in with my 2 yr old son Leo. He is gorgeous and everyone loves him, I am so proud of him. However, I keep getting passed by because I am quite a stressy lady. I like to bite on fence posts, something you humans call wind sucking I believe. To me it is stress relief. It’s lovely here and I am really relaxed but it is just a habit now that I like to do. I can be ridden, and I like going out in the Shropshire Countryside for a walk. I do get a little tense as sadly that’s just my nature.

The lovely people here said I can stay here forever which is great because I roam around freely and meet lots of new friends. I love making new friends. However, I also love being fussed and groomed and cuddled so I would love some people to adopt me and come along from time to time when they can to give me some fuss.