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Appeal For Storage Racking

Appeal For Storage Racking

Well now –  here’s a strange but urgent need that we hope you can help with!

As part of our fundraising efforts we sell merchandise which has been generously donated by members of the public or from businesses.

In order for us to keep this stock in good order and easily accessible to our volunteers to send out we are in desperate need of racking. A lot of the items are horse rugs and tack as well as rider clothing. Most is second hand so is also recycled or up-cycled for further use. If it is not stored correctly and efficiently we lose £££s.

We know that it’s a strange request but would you or, someone you know possibly be able to help us out in this area by donating any unwanted bays of racking (we actually need 10 bays at present). This could bring us a return of ££££’s in one year!.  For example: This could be enough money for us to buy winter hay and bedding for 2020.

We can collect if necessary so there is no need for you to worry about the transportation side.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this request. If you are able to help then please contact Bob by email at: bob@hoptonrehabhoming.org or, by Text/Telephone on: 07723 447663.

With grateful thanks!  

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