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image of bo a dark bay gelding

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Name: Jo Bojangles (Bo)

Date of Induction: 

Breed: Sports Horse

Height: 16.1hh

Age: 15

Backed: Yes

Companion Horse: N/A

Sex: Gelding

Colour: Dark Bay


Carriage Horse: No

Medical Conditions: Had SI joint medicated


Rehome Date: 

Precis: A new horse to the charity who is currently under assessment 

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Prior to HRH:

Bo did riding club activities until his problem with sacroiliac joint showed up. He was then gifted to a local RDA group. He became a bit nappy and wasn’t suited to RDA activities

Current HRH Evaluation Details:

Bo is new and has not been assessed under saddle yet. He is very friendly in the field and is turned out in a herd with a mare and other geldings