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Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Update

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Update -


As part of our drive to keep our staff as safe as we can, in order that they continue to care for the horses at the centre.

We have had to make the decision to have no further rehoming of ridden horses until this is all over.

The frequency of visits required to assess them properly and the increased risk in the possibility of them needing the emergency services, we felt we needed to do the responsible thing and draw a halt.


In order to do our best to protect our staff, in order that they can continue to provide the care our horses need over the coming weeks / months, and to try to secure their continuous employment, we will be restricting entry to our yards from Monday.

Necessary visits will be by appointment only and will be meeting with a trustee not a staff member.

We have obviously provided them with all they need to reduce the risk on the yard, obviously, but the next step is to keep them away from people and each other.

We are going to set up an online take sale,car boot sale, and other fun activities, seeing as we won’t be able to have a presence in public places, to enable us to continue to fund raise to pay for them all.

Therefore for all you generous people that are donating we ask that you message us and drop the items at the entrance, as these donations will be our bread and butter for a while.

Alternatively if you want us to collect we can do if we are in the area but again can we ask that we collect from the gate.

During this time, whilst we are allowed to and can do so safely, we will be working with the youngsters and rehabilitation horses.

We can still do viewing visits at this moment in time but again they will be by appointment with a trustee and therefore will not be able to be seen ridden.

This will change in line with the government policy as and when necessary. We would love to keep communicating with you all and will keep you posted with many many pictures of the progress of our babies.

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