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Name: Diamond

Date of Induction: 2017

Breed: Standardbred

Height: 15hh

Age: Late Teens

Backed: Yes

Companion Horse: N/A

Sex: Mare

Colour: Bay

Dislikes: Being left on her own.

Carriage Horse: No

Medical Conditions: Cribs


Rehome Date: 


If you would like to consider offering this horse a home for life, please either use our Contact us form or, complete the online application here

Prior to HRH:

Before coming to the centre Diamond had a lovely coloured foal

Current HRH Evaluation Details:

Diamond has been in the centre for some time and although she can be ridden she is safe but tense so therefore is looking primarily for a companion home. Sweet mare easy to catch, load, good with farrier.

Due to her cribbing Diamond is finding it hard to find her loving forever home. She is happy and settled at the centre so her alternative is to find a sponsor to support her care.

She would love regular visits from her sponsor to have some 1-1 loving and attention.