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Diego's First Nebuliser Treatment on Wednesday

Diego’s First Nebuliser Treatment

Diego's First Nebuliser Treatment went very well for him

Diego's First Nebuliser Treatment -

Diego’s First Nebuliser Treatment was yesterday afternoon (Weds). At first he was slightly concerned about this bucket thing being put over his nose. Consequently he soon settled into the rhythm of things and realised that he was being helped.

As a result of his illness he needed two treatments, one of steroids and, one of breathing medicine. By the end of the session he was well into it and ready for a long cool drink afterwards.

Lin, Tracy & Kim kept him calm all through the treatment and did an amazing job of helping him to accept all that was going on including the vibration from the nebuliser machine itself.

He will now be on a continuous treatment regime twice daily for the foreseeable future. We will hopefully be able to bring good news about his condition over the next few weeks.

If you would like to contribute toward his medicine fundraiser please click the button below.

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