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cossie and cammie tucking into some delicious hay

Farewell to the Fantastic Cossie & Cammie

Farewell to the Fantastic Cossie & Cammie -

On Saturday we said Farewell to the Fantastic Cossie & Cammie. Our 2 little darling miniature Shetland Ponies headed off to their new forever homes.
Getting to know these 2 little characters has been an amazing experience. Both had altogether different personalities.

They are the last 2 Shetlands from all the tribes that came in over the last 12 months. So lovely to have found such amazing homes for them all.

Cammie came in with 4 others, 3 of which were stallions and the other was Cossie.
They had spent their lives together on the side of a hill. Living on a Llama walking farm where they saw members of the public daily. Cammie is more feral due to lack of regular handling.
Cossie is often ridden, driven and well handled in his previous home. He was easy to handle so, would catch and lead away. Cammie would then follow on.
Unfortunately, the farm closed down. The task of finding new homes for them became the manager’s responsibility. This is how they came to us.
When Cammie came to us, she was completely unapproachable. We unable to get near her. She was used to following Cossie rather than coming to you. So, she knows no different than to run away from humans.
We have been working to reverse this over the last weeks and months that she has been with us.
Once you have caught her she loves to be fussed and groomed.

sunny & ginger enjoying some hay time
Sunny & Ginger
roxy in her new forever home
sunny & ginger in their new forever home
cammie checking out her feed
Cammie ready for action
Cammie ready for action

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