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Hope’s Journey To Her Forever Home

Hope's Journey To Her Forever Home

Thank you so much for sharing and for helping bring this wonderful little pony home. Centro Andalusí de Rescate de Caballos has been her home since she was rescued with Valiente.

They came into my life two days after I started volunteering at ARCH when I was pet sitting in Malaga with Trusted Housesitters ARCH’s dedicated volunteers quite simply saved both of these ponies and through knowledge, the best veterinary care and a huge helping of love got these two ponies back to health and able to enjoy a good quality of life.

Valiente is happy in Spain at his forever home with Claire Waldron.

Hopton Rehab & Homing Centre Reg. Charity No. 1173847 is Hope’s next place on her journey to find her forever home.

Hope Takes Time out On Her Journey

For those that are following Hopes journey, and from our Facebook numbers there are many many of you, she has now reached Calais and waiting for her ferry. Just heard from her transporter that she is having a little leg stretch and some grass! This photo I think tells us an awful lot about this little ladies character. Loving life and not phased by anything. Amazing. No wonder she has such a fan club.

Latest Update on Hope's Journey to us

Update on The Journey Of Rescued Pony, Hope: Last night’s stop: Calais, ready to board the ferry for Dover, England. On the road since Wednesday when she left ARCH, Spain.

She looks amazing thanks to Ben of European Equine Transport Final destination Hopton Rehab & Homing Centre Reg. Charity No. 1173847 ETA tonight (Sunday) Story will be on BBC Radio Shropshire Monday 8.40am .. Safe travels Hope & Ben 

Hope Has Now Arrived

Hope finally made it too us around 11pm on Sunday night 25/08/19, apparently no worse for wear after such a long journey from Spain that took her across Europe and, the English Channel and lasted 5 days of travelling.

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