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We want to try to explain the situation the charity is in at this current time and our reasons for the decision to actually ask people to cease applying for horses / ponies at this moment in time, unless you want a companion only.

This year we have been asked to take in very few horses, this in itself is fantastic but it means that we rarely have anything new in for you to view.

We still have high numbers at the centre but the ones we have are mostly ones that have been with us for some time that need some extra work / experience before they are ready to go to new homes. This then means that we can only have 8 riding horses in work at any one time and each horse is restricted to being viewed by a maximum of 3 people, preferably 2.

It is an understatement to say that this is a frustratingly slow process for us as much as it is for rehomers. Our aim is,and always has been, to get the horses out into their forever homes as quickly as possible.

Alongside this we have had an unprecedented number of applications, the interest and support is amazing. At this point we have to send a huge apology to people who have sent in applications and expressed interest but have not yet had a response. The quantity of applications is overwhelming and we quite simply do not have the manpower to respond.

For those that have applied we are slowly, oh so slowly, working though and you will be contacted in due course. This is not how we like to work, we used to pride ourselves in responding within 48 hrs but with over 2,000 applications via website, message, Facebook, answerphone the volume has completely swamped us.

At the centre we are busier than ever working on the horses that have been waiting for our time, catching up with post lock down yard visits and crazily thinking outside of the box fund raising for our winter hay. If you are someone who has sent in an application and haven’t heard from us by the end of September, can we ask that you re contact us and let us know that you are still interested.

We will announce as soon as possible when we can open applications again. We do still have 8 companions of different shapes, sizes, needs that we can continue to take applications for but can you call on 07989 602 773 in the first instance to discuss.

Again, SINCERE APOLOGIES to those that have applied and not yet had a response.

Horses For Homing

Initial Procedure For Homing

Following your initial enquiry about horses for homing, we will discuss your experience and your plans for the horse / pony, and the facilities you are able to provide for its ongoing care.

We can send you a copy of our terms and conditions, and an application form to complete, or you can download one from our website opposite.

This will enable us to capture the details to ensure that we can match you to the right horse.
Following receipt of your application, we will invite you to visit the yard and have a look at the horses that we think will meet your criteria.

Information & Form Downloads For Rehoming Horses

Procedural Information: Click Here

Terms & Conditions: Click Here

Initial Enquiry Form: Click Here

Application For Homing: Click Here for PDF Download Form

Click Here to complete the online Rehoming Application Form

Application To Foster: Click Here

Horses Currently in Work for Rehoming Purposes

The horses in this top section are the one’s with which we are currently working and are available for enquiries and viewing (as COVID19 restrictions allow).

If you would like to enquire about any of these horses or, those who are listed as ‘Companion Only’ horses, please use the above linked application form/s to do this.

Companion Only Horses

The horses below are for Rehoming as a Companion horse Only, and are not for riding


Information coming soon


Information coming soon


Information coming soon


Information coming soon


Information coming soon

The horses below, are currently turned away and are not available for viewing or enquiries. As this changes they will be moved to the above applicable section.