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HRH Car Boot Sale Success early starters

HRH Car Boot Sale Success

HRH Car Boot Sale Success:

What a great afternoon we had, at the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre, in Craven Arms. The weather held for us and we had a great influx of visitors. All of this resulted in an HRH Car Boot Sale Success.

HRH Car Boot Sale Success eager buyers

It was great to be out and about again after all everybody has had to go through this last year or so.

HRH Car Boot Sale Success some tack

Buyers were turning up an hour before the official kick off time eager to see what all of our ‘booters’ were selling. As a result of this we got things off to a really good start.

HRH Car Boot Sale Success ready to sell

There was an amazing turnout of ‘booters’ for us. So much so, that we had to shift things around to fit everybody in. However, all came good in the end any everyone had a good selling afternoon.

A Big Thank you

We would like to thank all of the booters who booked spots with us, all our volunteers who gave up their Saturday afternoon to help out, and especially all those who came to buy. Everyone did an amazing job for us. Our thanks also to BBC Shropshire radio for putting it out there for us.

HRH Car Boot Sale Success guess the weight

In the final tally we raised around £650 which will certainly add much needed hay to our barn for the coming winter. Thank you all.

As ever, Forest our charity mascot was there to supervise everything and make sure all was going well.

Kim, our yard manager, did a great job with her, ‘guess the rucksack weight hamper’ competition. This was won by Heidi who guessed the correct weight at 10kg.

All in all, this turned the afternoon into a great HRH Car Boot Sale Success.

HRH Car Boot Sale Success forest keeping an eye on things

Walking the Severn Way

In September this year, Kim is going to walk the ‘Severn Way’ raising funds for HRH. She will be doing the walk from 21st September 2021 to 1st October 2021. Covering a total of 210 miles. She will be doing the walk with her husband Rich, who is walking on behalf of Shropshire Rural Support.

Their starting point is the source of the ‘Severn River’ at Plynlimon in Mid Wales and finishing at Severn Beach in South Gloucestershire.

If you would like to donate to Kim & Rich’s walk, or if you would just like some more information about it, please click here.

How your money is used

We receive monies into the charity from things such as your kind donations. Also events such as the boot sale, or from grants which we receive from outside organisations and companies.

The monies received from donations and events is categorised into urgent, essential and maintenance expenditure.


These monies are for things such as our winter hay barn. This time of year is essential in getting as much stock in before the onset of the Autumn/Winter months. This has meant that we can get it at the right price. We are not left struggling to find stock from suppliers who have sold it on by later in the year.

Other examples of this, are the fundraiser that we ran for Derry earlier in the year.


The essential expenses are those such as day to day maintenance, cost of rents for properties. There is also the land that we use. On top of this we have vehicle running costs and maintenance for our little van and our lorries.

There are other essential costs such as wages for staff, fence repairs and maintenance along with field maintenance etc.


The grants that we apply for and receive, are usually contingent on specifics. When we apply for a grant from whomever, we are required to specify what the monies will be used for.

For example, we have had grants that have bought us our new smaller lorry, this has enabled us to reduce the running costs for transporting our horses around. We have also had grants for day to day running costs including staff wages.

All of these things added together enable us to continue to help those who need our help. Not just the horses but people as well. So once again a big Thank you to all for our HRH Car Boot Sale Success yesterday as you have given us the ability to carry on helping others.

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