Hopton Rehab & Homing


Join our Team

Why Join our Team?

Because we hope that you will have a very rewarding experience working and volunteering within the charity.

Helping to care for and work with our horses and ponies. Helping them move on to new lives whatever shape that may take, be it as a working horse or, as a companion.

We want you to feel as though you have made the contribution that counted toward the rehabilitation or, training of a particular horse or pony.

We want you to enjoy everything and every experience that you have with us from mucking out to riding in events if that is your goal.

Whatever contribution you make to the charity even if, you don’t work with the horses directly, it helps create the cement that bonds the charity and it’s work which is all dedicated toward the welfare of the horses and ponies in our care.

If you would like more information about our volunteer program or, if you feel that you would like to get the ball rolling, please just click the ‘Volunteers Registration Form’ button below and fill in your details so that we can contact you.