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Lucy a gorgeous little pony

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Name: Lucy

Date of Induction: 

Breed: Welsh Cob

Height: 12hh

Age: Early 20’s

Backed: Unkown

Companion Horse: Yes

Sex: Mare

Colour: Grey

Likes/Dislikes: Lucy can be quite shy and hard to catch until she gets to know you. Carrots are the best way to make friends!

Carriage Horse: No

Medical Conditions: No known medical issues


Rehome Date: 

Precis: Lucy is a very sweet mare who has always been a companion horse

If you would like to consider offering this horse a home for life, please either use our Contact us form or, complete the online application here

Prior to HRH:

Lucy has always been a companion

Current HRH Evaluation Details:

Lucy is a sweet mare who is easy to do.

She turns out with mares and geldings.

She doesn’t mind being stabled if she has to but is happy turned out all year round