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Name: Madge

(Sovereign Gift)

Date of Induction: 12.6.19

Breed: Warmblood

Height: 16.1hh

Age: 13

Backed: Yes

Companion Horse: N/A

Sex: Mare

Colour: Bay


Carriage Horse: No

Medical Conditions: Medical history in her poll can be viewed

InoculationsFlu and Tet up to date

Rehome Date: 


If you would like to consider offering this horse a home for life, please either use our Contact us form or, complete the online application here

Prior to HRH:

In her earlier life Madge did well in the showing world then her poll problem took her out of work and she had a couple of foals. Full history can be viewed

Current HRH Evaluation Details:

Madge is now back in work and loves hacking out. Due to not liking working into a contact Madge no longer wants to school but she would enjoy fun rides, hacking and popping a few little fences whilst out. Good to do and turns out with mares and geldings. Good to load / shoe / catch