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diego nebuliser and medication for broken winded

Medication and Nebuliser for HRH Diego

Medication and Nebuliser for HRH Diego -

We are raising money for Medication and Nebuliser for HRH Diego. This beautiful horse suffers from Recurrent Airway Obstruction.

The names for this are such as, Heaves, Broken Winded. It is known in humans, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

We have already purchased a nebuliser and the vet has prescribed inhaled steroids. This will be an ongoing and costly expense for the charity, but as with all our horses, we are determined to do the best for him.

He needs to be fed either on haylage or steamed/soaked hay, but we cannot put him on a lot of grass because he is prone to weight gain. Poor Diego has quite a few issues, but he has made friends with little Hope and Roxy; he seems to get on better with mares than other geldings.

Since his arrival last July he is much more relaxed and enjoyed a winter out in the field with 2 other mares. His temperament has improved, but his breathing is really suffering in the hot weather at the moment.

If you are able to help support him in any way please do. As with all horses that come into the charity, he will be supported for the rest of his life, although we are hopeful he will ultimately be rehomed.

Please support where you can. We are always grateful for all sorts of donations and our £1 a month Club is still running www.hoptonrehabhoming.org

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