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Name: Spencer

Date of Induction: 11/2019

Breed: Irish Sports Horse

Height: 16.1hh

Age: 8yrs

Backed: Yes

Companion Horse: N/A

Sex: Gelding

Colour: Chestnut


Carriage Horse: No

Medical Conditions:

2 years ago Spencer went unlevel/lame on his front feet. He had a MRI scan Nov 2017 which showed Navicular Bone Oedema, but no changes or damage to his navicular bones. He had some time off and then had his front feet medicated. He had a follow up MRI Oct 2018 which showed complete resolution to RF, and almost resolved in LF. He was supposed to be an eventer, but sadly he can’t tolerate the demands of jumping and training.

He also had a LH suspensory this summer, On ultrasound scan no damage was found, only very slight thickening and was deemed irrelevant but has had box rest and shockwave therapy and been worked up sound since and has been hacking out.

Inoculations: Tet up to date

Rehome Date: 

Precis: Spencer would be very happy and suitable for someone to hack very safely, he’s a fantastic nanny horse, would be great for a mother to ride with children on ponies and he would give someone a lot of pleasure as he has the calmest of temperaments to do that job.

If you would like to consider offering this horse a home for life, please either use our Contact us form or, complete the online application here

Prior to HRH:

He needs to step down from jumping and have a hacking, fun rides and low level dressage home

Current HRH Evaluation Details:

He is a lovely horse to do and is the safest of hacks. He will hack alone or in company, first or last and safest in the heaviest of traffic. He lives on a farm livery where he lives happily with cows, sheep and other horses.

He will turnout individual or in a mixed herd happily.
He doesn’t get fizzed up and will happily canter in a group happily at the back. He doesn’t need riding a lot, you can leave him for days or weeks and hop back on and he’s always the same.

He travels superb in a lorry, 3.5 tonne or a trailer, he will load himself. He is good with clipping and the farrier.
Spencer has been barefoot for 18 months and coped very well, but he now has a set of shoes back on. He would easily go back to barefoot or stay with shoes.
He is up to date with worming, teeth and vaccinations.
In the right home can’t see why he can’t do low level dressage as he was very good at it and enjoyed it.